Last week I was fortunate enough to sit down with Rannie and speak by phone with professional soccer player, role model, face of Male Call Canada and out gay man, David Testo.

If you follow sports and gay culture you may have heard of David. In November 2011 he made the decision to go public with the most personal information of his life… he’s gay. His family knew, many of his teammates, coaches and opponents knew, but the public did not.That changed last fall and when we asked him why, his answer was like many that we’ve all heard before – the time was right. His family knew, his friends knew, he turned 30 in August and yet he still wasn’t living his life to its fullest. He wasn’t part of the community that he feels he belongs in. He wasn’t being true to himself.

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Take This Waltz

Last summer I stopped in to munch some salad at Fresh on Crawford. There wasn’t a line but the staff seemed to be paying extra attention to a petite light haired customer, my stomach dreaded having to go through the same super friendly service so when she finally left and the server started to rave I realised my lettuce leafs had been washed with water piped in from Dawson’s Creek as Summer 2010 saw Michelle Williams shooting Sarah Polley’s Take This Waltz downtown.

With such a strange title and a few paparazzi shots appearing in papers of co-star comedienne Sarah Silverman the film faded from memory until the premiere at TIFF this year. It was nice to see buzz for the screening which I sadly missed. Luckily I got to pull a new tile out of the scrabble bag & was able to watch it at VIFF (Vancouver International Film Festival)

Take This Waltz is truly a love letter to Toronto, a city I was cheating on while staying in Vancouver. Tdot was a dirty word in the city, being told that it was the ugliest city in North America by one person & general disdain from others. Hopefully the film will win a few people over as the saturated colour palette felt Luke my eyes had been scooped out with melon ballers and replaced with lomo cameras or perhaps an instagram app over my retinas.

Margo visits a the Maritimes where by chance she accidentally interacts with a stranger in a crowd during a staged historrical reenactment of the persecution of an adulterer, their chance encounter occurs again on the flight back to Toronto where they flirt and banter, discovering a playful connection with an immediate infatuation. As the shared cab door slams Margo ends the fantasy of a sudden romance with an admission of marriage before things go further.

The grass is greener on the other side but how long can you resist feeling it press between your toes when it’s growing across the street? Should you remain unhappy not to hurt someone and forsake your own potential perfect partner?

Take This Waltz is an amazing Canadian film that you will want to close your eyes and picture when winter arrives leaving the humid hissing of a sweaty summer in Toronto so vivid, tropically translated to the cinema screen.

Take This Waltz is currently on the festival circuit but keep an eye on Mongrel Media’s Facebook page and the official website for more information.