Focusing on a new Career and Ford Canada.

Deb and her Ford F-150

When I started blogging 12 years ago, I couldn’t have imagined how many doors it would open. I never would have guessed it would lead me to creating a network of not simply readers, but an ever growing circle of friends and loved ones. I couldn’t fathom that it would take me on the road to becoming a freelance photographer, where I could grow and share my creative talents. Most of all, I never would have believed this journey would finally land me a career where I would be doing social media for a living; blogging, tweeting and sharing. But here I am, typing on a Macbook Pro in the trenches of agency life doing something as simple as writing a blog post.

Rob and his Ford Escape

It was almost three months ago when I got the call that changed everything. It was a call from Mark McKay asking if I was open to working full time. I had hinted to Mark last summer that a career change was on my mind, but what kind of job that would be was still unclear for me. The only thing I did know was that I needed a change in my life, more stability. What the offer ended up becoming was a full time position working for Sonic Boom, in social media with their client, Ford Canada. I was floored by the offer and totally up for the challenge. I felt truly blessed that Mark and the Sonic Boom team had put their faith in me and my abilities, especially without any agency experience. I quickly learned.

Brianna and her Ford Fiesta

The last couple of months have been a frenzy of work, settling into a 9 to 5, rattling my head around twitter, facebook and a whole slew of other social platforms, not for myself, but for a huge automotive brand. It has been a lot of extra hours. It’s been a trip to Ottawa for the Ottawa-Gatineau International Auto Show. It’s been a lot of training on various third party apps that do a variety of things, from publishing, analytics and monitoring. Most of all it’s been a ton of fun and highly educational. The best part of course is the fact that things are finally taking shape in a way where others can see them. For me, that means taking an active role in the successful launch of the Ford Blog, Ford Canada on Facebook, and Further Proof campaign. Yeah, saying we have been busy is a bit of a understatement, but it’s been a satisfying experience all-around.

The crazy thing is that this is merely the beginning. I’m stoked.