Toronto After Dark: Short Sharp Shocks in Summary

It’s only fitting that October 31st sees this final blog post about Toronto After Dark Film Festival as Thursday saw the celluloid creature rewind back in to it’s movie canister grave for another year.

Small, mighty and messed up, these were my pick of the bloody bunch of stumpy shorts.

Taking small bites out of your cinema psyche each feature has had a red right hand man supporting the feature presentation as well as a separate programme showcasing the world.

Before these shorts another mini courtesy message from Fan Expo visiting icons instructed us to power down our pagers.  Funnily only Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) & Richard  Crouse (Film Critic Hero) were the only stars to follow the script & add a f-bomb.

After the 5th birthday bumper contest last year where a multitude of  film makers were asked to submit small trail intros featuring 5’s, the most memorable – under age Alien love’s author, Chris Nash returned to provide year 6 with all of them as well as two longer  pieces.

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