Reel Asian Film Festival: Passion Pick Flicks To Hold a Birthday Candle To

You know you’re in for a good time when a birthday is involved and the same applies to a film festival.   Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival will be celebrating it’s 15th anniversary starting tonight.  Unlike a human teenage counterpart it’s us that will be spoiled rotten over the course of not just one day but spread across six.

Being as lucky as a waving cat I’ve been able to tear a whole in the movie gift wrapping about to be dished out in the downtown core.  Here are my top picks from talent near and afar.

Not even an image can keep this fellow static and still!  Bashing out a silent beat above is Mr. Kwon.  You might not remember him with his now silver locks but jump back in the YouTube time machine with the dial set back a few millions views & tune in to the 1970’s on TV in Toronto to jog your memory.

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