Scott Brothers Selfie

Scott Brothers Selfie

The past couple of days, I was attending the nextMedia 3.0 conference at MaRS, here in Toronto. The two day event ended last night with The Digi Awards, which were hosted by the Property Borthers, Drew and Jonathan Scott. Was able to grab a quick selfie with the boys, before the awards began.

Button Mash This: Sony PS Vita

The 2011 Tokyo Game Show is now in full swing. Today marks day two of the four day event and so far it seems like all eyes are fixed in on Sony’s next-gen portable handheld, PS Vita. Amongst a slew of information presented at a press conference that kicked off TGS, Sony announced a list of launch titles (some of which will be available to demo over the weekend at TGS), as well as a release date this year on December 17 (but only in Japan).

Being a winter baby, this could have been the perfect birthday / Christmas present for me. But it looks like North America and Europe will have to wait until early 2012. And since I still don’t have my hands on a Nintendo 3DS yet, I suspect it’s going to be a very long winter. In the meantime, I’ll wait patiently for my Top Three Most Anticipated Sony PS Vita games

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