Captain Eh-merica

There was something slightly strange watching next door’s hero on the big screen in the heart of Toronto as Captain America with his red, white and blues invaded cinema this weekend.  Set during the war in 1942,  Hitler’s secret steam punk supernatural division try to win the battle with some spicy God-juice powered machinery led by a different hue of Skeletor played by Hugo “Agent Smith” Weaving as Red Skull.  Fighting back on the side of the Allies comes Captain America.  Born from the scrawny de-buffed Chris Evans where CGI is used to shrink the honey for a change instead of blowing up the baby.  The getting to know you story goes as well as expected for any origin with some funny lines bouncing off the cast like the boomerang infused shield.  I always find it kind of strange when WWII is used as a backdrop to a story, there were plenty of heroes and real life monsters in that era already.  I think Marvel have really cracked the formula with these type of movies though the parallels to Thor from earlier in the year were a little too similar – Start at the end>Abs of steel>Slightly disappointing action>lost love>Avengers are coming.  I’d love to see a Canadian super hero grace the screen.  It’s hard not to notice patriotism during sports events here but when it comes to movies outside of TIFF Canadian’s don’t seem to champion their own films so I guess it makes perfect sense that there’s not an icon to defend them from other fictitious foes.

Fingers crossed that the next Captain I see in blue tights also has a green mullet and answers to the name Planet.