Behind the Velvet Rope at TIFF

Toronto is in full swing with TIFF happening in the city, and it seems that TIFF means different things to different people. For many it’s about seeing as many films as humanly possible in a week, for others it’s stargazing as many celebrities flock to Toronto for the festival and for some it’s about getting into as many parties happening in the city in conjunction with a bunch of the films.

Last Friday I worked a party for Haagen Dazs at the Princess of Wales Theatre, where lucky facebook page winners had a taste of being a TIFF VIP. Click here to view some of the pictures from the party.

What parties have you been to? Which celebrities have you seen? What films have you loved and hated?

Grey Skies over Parliament Hill

A couple of weeks ago I made a brief trip to Ottawa on my way to Montreal. I was there for a photo shoot which I completed earlier in the afternoon, but before deciding to leave our capital city, I decided to swing by Parliament Hill to check out the scene. It was a grey day and there was definitely a sombre feel in the air, as thousands line up to pay the respects to the late Jack Layton. Although I didn’t wait in line, I took a moment in silence and shot this photo of the Hill to pay my tribute.

Big on Bloor

Toronto is a city of summer street festivals. I think pretty much every week, there is a strip in the city that closes it’s streets for a bit of a community party. Big on Bloor is the local one for me and is probably the underdog of all of these festivals. This weekend they celebrated their fourth year, and for the third year in a row, they experienced rain. Perhaps we should start calling this the rain festival. Joking aside, the strip of Bloor between Dufferin and Lansdowne was closed off to traffic, and lotf of businesses, artists, musicians and food vendors were out to share their talents.


Had first row seats at a Toronto Jays game this week. We were sitting just past first base. That’s where I caught this shot of Ace, the Jay’s mascot.

Family of Man

Walking around Calgary, I found myself in front of the Calgary Board of Education where I found these statues, Family of Man, by Mario Armengol. The statue was originally made for the British Pavilion for Expo 67 in Montreal. The statues were then purchased by Maxwell Cummings and Sons, who then donated them to the CBE.

The Wave House

Check out this cute little house in Calgary, inspired by The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai. I’d totally live in this house. Can we build one here in Toronto?