Late Night on King Street West


Never noticed this overhang feature on this plaza before, until a late night walk on Friday

Kevin Drew for Converse Rubber Tracks Live


Kevin Drew graces the stage at Adelaide Hall in Toronto tonight for Converse Rubber Tracks Live. Simply awesome.

Retrospective: Tyrannosaurus Rex at the ROM

Tyrannosaurus Rex at the Royal Ontario Museum

Taken on October 25th, 2011 at the Royal Ontario Museum. I’ve visited this Tyrannosaurus Rex many times over the years, pre and post museum renovation. During this visit, I was touring with a group of friends visiting from Vancouver.

Capturing the Big Dipper

Capturing the Big Dipper

This weekend, there was a slight possibility to catch the Northern Lights because of a spike in solar activity earlier this week. Unfortunately, the solar winds were not as strong as they were the night previous, and Friday night was overcast in the Toronto area. As a consolation, I captured this star-filled sky, which included the Big Dipper.

Kurios in Toronto


Went to see Kurios and it was awesome. Definitely recommended.

Walking on the Edge


Making their way to around the CN Tower, some brave souls take on the Edge Walk.