The Perfect Autumn Day


As Mister Rogers would say, It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Spot the Salmon


Friday evening, I headed down to the Humber River,  just north of the Old Mill, to witness the annual Salmon migration upstream. It’s quite a magical sight to watch these fish fend for their survival.

Can you spot the Salmon attempting to jump over the dam?

Operational Bear.

2014-10-18 19.48.20

Last night, I spent the evening at Toronto’s Screemers at the Queen Elizabeth Building.  I got a little hungry while I was there.

Humber River Wildlife


Yesterday evening, I went down to the Humber River on the west side of the city. I spotted this white crane by the river. I never knew we had this sort of wildlife in the city.  It was awesome to witness.

Happy Thanksgiving


The trees are warming up with colour and there is turkey in my belly. Happy Thanksgiving.

GO Train over the Rouge


After a hike around the Rouge Valley yesterday afternoon,  we decided to end the afternoon at the mouth of the Rouge River at Rouge Beach. 

Judt as we were about to leave, we caught a glimpse of a passing GO train, heading east into Durham.