Crush : Seth L. Wilson

Sweth L Wilson

It’s been over 5 months since I last posted a crush photo here. And today marks the 5 month anniversary with today’s crush, Seth L. Wilson. Originally from Arkansas, Seth now calls Toronto his home. His background is in computer sciences and he loves coding. #crush.

You can follow Seth on twitter @sethlwilson

CRUSH : Matt Mullenweg

When I first met Matt in 2003, he wasn’t of legal age and I was still blogging on the Moveable Type platform, cause WordPress didn’t exist. Over the years since then, I have been fortunate enough to see Matt build an amazing company and grow in to quite the successful man. Matt is one of PC World’s Top 50 People on the Web,’s 30 under 30, Business Week’s 25 Most Influential People on the Web, and Vanity Fair’s Next Establishment, yowzers, that’s quite a list. Last week, Matt was in Toronto for a few meetings and I snapped this shot of him after a wonderful brunch together at the Drake, before he hopped on a plane to NYC.

When Matt isn’t on a plane, this Texan, originally from Houston, calls San Francisco home. You can find Matt online at and on twitter at @photomatt. If you are blogging with WordPress, you have this fine looking man to thank for it.

PS: Your red WordPress hooded sweatshirts are pretty hot, I have got to order one of these.

Crush : Max Valiquette

What a boy wants and what a boy needs? well if that’s what you are looking for, Max Valiqutte might be able to help you out, cause part of his job is about faorcasting consumer trends and advising his company on what people want. Aside from the speaking, consulting and media appearances, Max is also on the board of the Canada Media Fund. Handsome face and amazing CV, Max is quite the catch, but you haven’t seen anything until you have seen Max belt out Kelly Clarkson’s, Since You’ve Been Gone, at karaoke. He is a man after my own heart.

Of course you can follow Max on twitter @maxvaliquette

CRUSH : LG Fashion Week Edition : Jason Howlett

I’ve been at LG Fashion week all week, and pretty much every day I’ve run into the dashing Jason Howlett. Definitely, not a stranger to fashion, Jason stays in shape, does his yoga and always is dressed to kill it. This week was no exception. This shot was caught on Wednesday, all accessorized with boots and umbrella. You can follow Jason on Twitter @bohunkCA and read his blog here.

CRUSH : Greg Baker

I may be in Vancouver right now, but that doesn’t mean I can’t Crush from afar. Meet Greg Baker, a Torontoian, gamer geek with an athletic side, who is into waterpolo and soccer. I first met Greg at a #QueersandBeers meet, then met again randomly on his birthday doing Karaoke. What’s not to love? You can follow Greg on twitter at @toasterleg

CRUSH : Jamie McLennan

Apparently, today, September 19th is International #TwitterCrush Day. Now any regular follower of mine knows that I’ve been ranting and raving and posting about my crushes all summer long, very publicly. This week, my crush is Jamie McLennan. I first met Jaime at #GovCamp earlier this spring, when I discovered he was also wearing a bowtie. What I didn’t know about Jamie until afterwards is that he sings opera, is quite the linguist and is happily married to his husband Alexandre. That didn’t stop me from crushing and following him on twitter @jamiemclennan