Photographers Rights : Royal Oak

I thought I would write up a series of posts about various stories and situations where photographers were asked to stop taking pictures. In most cases these stories are my own, and in some, they are incidents that have happened to friends and aquaintances.

One of the first times I was ever approached about not taking pictures was in a store in Royal Oak. I was with Jay, Dave and Natalie and we were just checking out some of the local shops in Royal Oak. It’s a great suburban community outside of Detroit.

It wasn’t much of a big deal, I was in a store and I was taking a picture of one of the displays. The saleperson appraoched me and informed me that photography was not allowed in the store. At this point I stopped and left the store.

Although stores and malls are places that are open to the general public. These locations are still private property. If someone asks you to not take pictures while you are on private property it’s your legal duty to stop. Any further photography after this warning can be considered trespassing. So this next time you are on private property, regardless if it is regarded as a public space make sure you think before you speak you mind.