Gallery Profile: Analogue Gallery

NXNE is a great time to discover new artists, new sounds, and new venues; for several days Toronto sleeplessly enjoys ecclectic variety of music.  In the spirit of ‘discovery’, I recently stumbled upon a gem of a gallery:  Analogue Gallery–an intimate space that houses an impressive collection of authentic candid photographs of artists/bands and iconic signed vinyls.

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NXNE in the Park

On Sunday, I caught the tail end of the Second annual Live in Bellwoods NXNE picnic. The series which spanned 4 afternoons, featured 24 artists in a unique setting, playing acoustic sets. Personally I was able to see DD/MM/YYYY and Jess Hill. You can view videos of the performances at

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NXNE : #rockwithwindows Shad with 88 Days

On Saturday, Shad and 88 Days performed at the Ballroom, which was presented by Windows 7. It was an amazing night and Shad really tore it up and got the crowd pumped. In twitter land #rockwithwindows gave away two Xboxs during the event.

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NXNE : Phil Ogynist

On Saturday evening, I bumped into Phil Ogynist who is the NXNE Photography Coordinator. He had a brief moment to chat with me between Diamond Rings and Land of Talk set at Yonge and Dundas Square. Needless to say, he was a busy man during NXNE.

NXNE : Social Scratch

While at NXNE, I met Jade Hirtle and Bryan Ferreira from Social Scratch. They are starting a new network of influencers which will be launching in July. The idea is to connect these influencer with brands and get these influencers paid. But the catch is they aren’t just letting anyone into the network, you gotta have Scratch. I’ve been told that a lot of people who have signed up to the network, haven’t scored high enough, but they have accepted a few. Do you got what it takes?

NXNE : Old Crowns

Mitzi’s Sister
Saturday, June 18, 2011, 12 AM
Old Crowns

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