Laura Slade Wiggins goes for a Hard Drive

Laura Slade Wiggins

I believe the person we are, is an accumulation of the relationships we make and the people we meet. It’s the sum of our memories and experiences and despite the good and the bad, these things make us unique characters. This past week, I met the wonderful Laura Slade Wiggins (from the series Shameless), the female lead and unique character from the new Canadian Indie film Hard Drive.

The film is a coming of age movie with a twist, only a Canadian writer and director like William D. MacGillivray could tell. It follows the two main characters, Debs, a runaway from the U.S. trying to escape her mysterious past, played by Laura Slade Wiggins and Ditch (Douglas Smith), a sheltered, father-less young man who lives in the shadow of his mother (Megan Follows). An unlikely and volatile relationship forms between Debs and Ditch which ultimately leads them to go on a road trip into the U.S. where they confront their past.

I asked Laura Slade Wiggins how she, the only American in the cast, got involved in the project, and she explained how MacGillivray’s daughter is a huge fan of her show, Shameless and that they needed a young female persona who would be strong enough to be able to explore the darker side of the Debs character. After a Skype call and a read of the script, Slade Wiggins was totally on board.

The music in the film is also a strong supporting character in Hard Drive, with an amazing soundtrack and some references to vinyl, mix tapes and drumming. I asked Laura Slade Wiggins, who is also a singer/songwriter, what music is she currently listening to. Her response, Sia’s Chandelier. Great tastes if you ask me.

You can catch Hard Drive tonight at The Royal. It opens in Halifax, NS at the Cineplex Parklane Cinema on August 29th and will also be shown in Vancouver, BC (TBA).