Scott Brothers Selfie

Scott Brothers Selfie

The past couple of days, I was attending the nextMedia 3.0 conference at MaRS, here in Toronto. The two day event ended last night with The Digi Awards, which were hosted by the Property Borthers, Drew and Jonathan Scott. Was able to grab a quick selfie with the boys, before the awards began.

Happy Birthday Seth

Happy Birthday Seth

Happy Birthday to the most handsome man in my life. Love You.

The Perfect Autumn Day


As Mister Rogers would say, It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Screemers is a Screaming Good Time

The Undead

Last weekend, I was invited to check out Screemers at the Queen Elizabeth Building. With some reluctance I decide to accept the invite but I had a hell of a time trying to find someone brave enough to come along with me. Eventually my sister stepped up as my partner in fear, but admitted to me on our way there, that being scared, was not one of her favourite things.

Never in my life have either of us been to a haunted fun house before, so we weren’t quite sure what to expect. When we arrived, we started at a house called The Darkness. Little did we know, this house was cloaked in complete darkness. As we clawed around to feel our way through, whispers and sinister laughter greeted us in the dark. My sister was unimpressed and was clenching to my arm as we made our way through, greeted by the occasional freak in the darkness. Afterward, she was done, and we had only just begun.

The Darkness

Outside the Queen Elizabeth Building, they had a mini midway set-up outside along with a House called Field of Screams. With a bit of coaxing, I convinced my sister to join me for at least one more house. We ended up going through the house with another random couple, getting startled throughout. I found the situation quite hilarious, but for my sister, her nerves were still a little shaken. Let me just say, if the freaks in the houses realize you are scared, they will definitely target you in your group. It’s quite amusing, if you are a witness to this, but quite terrifying for those who show fear.

Luckily, we were joined by a couple of other friends for the rest of the evening, which made the other houses more manageable (for my sister) and much more fun for me.

The crash

Here is what I learned from the night.

A) Do the haunted house with a group of friends, this is definitely on of those situations, where there mantra the more the merrier applies.

B) Make sure that your party consists of one sarcastic friend, one scared friend and one girl or guys who knows how to scream.

C) Come dressed up. I personally wore a Griz-Coat (Bear Costume) and scared a few people myself. Plus the freaks in the houses tend to target you less often.

I ended up having a much better time than expected and would likely do it again. If you want to #LiveTheFear, Screemers is running in Toronto and Hamilton over the next two weeks. Gather your favourite ghosts, ghouls and monsters and check it out.

Spot the Salmon


Friday evening, I headed down to the Humber River,  just north of the Old Mill, to witness the annual Salmon migration upstream. It’s quite a magical sight to watch these fish fend for their survival.

Can you spot the Salmon attempting to jump over the dam?

Operational Bear.

2014-10-18 19.48.20

Last night, I spent the evening at Toronto’s Screemers at the Queen Elizabeth Building.  I got a little hungry while I was there.