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At a very young age Alina made the commitment to Art, Film, and Media. Currently, Alina is working for a media production company that tells stories on behalf of brands. Prior to entering into the world of media production and advertising, Alina explored portrait and life drawing. Uber-curious, Alina finds beauty in the ugly, intriguing, and ridiculous.

McLuhan 100: Celebrating The Now, Then.

Art at its most significant is a distant early warning system that can always be relied on to tell the old culture what is beginning to happen. –Marshall McLuhan

Tonight, dozens of people gathered to celebrate the frightfully accurate vision of Marshall McLuhan. My first introduction to him was while completing my undergraduate degree in Film & Media. His name was amidst those of Laura Mulvey and Walter Benjamin, the sacred theorists of media and culture (or lack there of). Wearing many hats, McLuhan coined the term “the medium is the message” and predicted the creation of The World Wide Web several decades before its shaping.

McLuhan, Mulvey, Benjamin and I spent four years together–many late nights in the comforts of my bedroom. Their names reappeared in my mind as I typed furiously to meet countless deadlines. It wasn’t until today, in midst of eclectic haircuts and wine, that I witnessed his true reach in the art world, media, and my daily life.(I will restrain myself from filling this word count with a decertation on McLuhan’s lullabiac influence, but I strongly encourage you to Google him, if not now then later.)

“Signals From The Dew Line” is an exhibit running from November 8th -13th on the second floor of the Gladstone Hotel. New media projects and paintings showcase the artist’s own takeaways from McLuhan’s theories and writings.

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