It’s here! Selection Sunday has arrived March Madness is finally here!

Okay, so we won’t actually get the selections and final rankings and pairings and brackets until later today and then the play-in games don’t start until Tuesday in Dayton, OH… but it’s here!

In fact, it’s so here that I’ve already posted the 3rd annual March Madness Widow Survival Guide over on my blog. This year we’ve got a list of 5 suggestions to help those of you who may feel a sense of abandonment or suffer from a lack of attention during the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Have a look.

I know that I am (by far) the most excited member of the family right now. I may be the only excited member of the family to be completely honest. But I DON’T CARE. It’s such an amazing time of year with upsets and Cinderellas and heartbreak and comebacks and young men sweating blood for a shot at glory. This is by far my favorite single elimination sports tournament of the year. The Super Bowl may be a big game, but as a tournament, it doesn’t touch March Madness.

Now, if you’re going to pay even a little bit of attention this year you’re going to need a team to cheer for. There are 68 teams at the start of this thing, so you will have a lot of options.

If you want to pick a front-runner who could last a while in the tournament I would suggest having a look at (1)Kentucky, (2)Syracuse, (3)Kansas, (5)Missouri or (7)Ohio State who all sit in the current top 10 rankings.

If you’re scared of top teams who may lose, stay away from (8)Michigan State, (11)Baylor and (19)Florida.

And if you want to be my friend at all from now until April 2 DO NOT CHEER FOR (6)DUKE!

I’ll be cheering for the University of (4)North Carolina as I do every year. And I think I’ll also show some love to (10)Murray State who have played their way into a top 10 spot in the rankings this year.

This is a great sporting event that last 3+ weeks. It makes young men famous. It breaks grown men’s hearts. And it puts a smile on my face.

So, find a website (yahoo, espn, cbs) that has a bracket game to play in. Set the PVR to record your regular prime time shows. Buy french fries, chicken wings, chips, beer and other junk foods and get ready friends… the Madness is here!

Note: For the first time since 1946 (wow!) Harvard will be playing in the March Madness Tournament. And do you know who went to Harvard? Jeremy Lin!

Check out this great video that some cool dudes put together as the world looks for, The Next Linsation.


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