Red Leather, Yellow Leather, Roots Leather!

Growing up in Toronto in the early 80’s meant that I had to own something from Roots. It was one of those brands that every kid at school had to have. I’m not sure what it was about having a beaver plastered across your chest, but it was very cool and very Canadian. In my teens, I still remember getting my first pair of Roots Tuff boots. They were rugged, black and totally took a beating to the Canadian winter weather and I loved them. Apparently, they still make them, which I think is pretty awesome and proves that they really don’t go out of style. Roots has been one of those brands that have been woven into my life since I was young, so when Roots invited me out to play, I was pretty excited to check things out.

Wednesday night, I was invited to an intimate gathering at the Roots store in Yorkville, where I got a sneak peak at some of the beautiful leather products coming out this spring. The majority of the goods were steered towards the female persuasion, but the new collection also featured some great bags, men’s jackets and shoes which I could totally appreciate.

The women’s collection was mostly made up of an earth tones collection and second collection of saturated brights. The one piece that stood out for me was this gorgeous Kristina Bag (shown above). It was a great size with sturdy handles, a colour that was radiant and leather that was supple to the touch. (on a side note, if Roots made a men’s wallet in this colour, I would snatch it up in an instant. Even if you made only one prototype especially for me!)

As well, the Roots made with Love in Canada collection, just hit Roots stores this week, in time for Valentine’s Day. Made up of hot red, black and silver leathers. The pieces in this collection, pop and I’m sure will quickly become a favourite in any woman’s closet.

If you haven’t checked out any of the Roots leather collections before, it’s definite worth looking into. All the products are made with genuine italian leather and are super soft to the touch. The craftsmanship is outstanding and the attention to detail in the design is clean and classic, best of all, everything is sewn right here in Toronto.

Look for these great pieces coming to Roots store across the country in very soon. Also follow @RootsCanada on Twitter as well as on Facebook to keep up to date on their latest products and deals.

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