Toronto After Dark: Deafened & Defend

Day Two:

Waiting for second day double feature to begin the Kill Bill soundtrack blared a little too loud leaving a ringing  tinitus apt for Exit Humanity‘s war time trauma.  Jaded from every “…of the dead” this movie kept the rotten flesh fresh with a health injection of innovation in the form of animated sequences & beautiful motion graphic illustrations documenting the story of an outbreak during the American Civil War from the perspective of a broken man.

I lost track of the amount of emotional bearded screams in to the air but as soon as the lead got himself together by connecting with other characters they story really took shape.  The score was also an unexpected pleasure to be passing through my bloodied lobes along with another audio star turn, this time from Brian Cox.

Beautifully shot from start to finish Foresight Features, who were also the production company behind Monster Brawl, have something special to bring to the screen.  I’m taking a wild stab in the (after) dark but expect their third to be a charm.

MILF was the term made popular by the America Pie series but it’s going to be Father’s Day that gets the DILF acronym out there (if the pervert villain from the feature has his way) thanks to Winnipeg’s  Astron-6 & Troma.  There’s a Fuchman on the loose defiling Dad’s in the city.  After witnessing his post-buggered Poppa burn up in front of his eyes, rent boy, Twink is consoled by Father John Sullivan who is sent on a mission by fellow Father, O’ flynn, to stop the sodomizing cannibal in his tracks by enlisting the help of eye patched wearing/maple syrup making Ahab.  Watching the movie feels like your Nachos’ salsa has been spiked with toxic berries as the trip in to extreme gore is matched only by hilarious over the top scenarios.  Father’s Day takes the golden mop from my favourite Troma movie, A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell, with it’s awesome stop motion set pieces and practical effects & a little too risky real stunts.  Luckily I won’t have to wait as long as the official release or another Daddy’s day on the calendar for a second session as Manborg from the same team will be lasering up the screen tomorrow.  Speaking of zapping there’s an awesome Easter egg in the middle of the movie (please keep it in!) that needs to be a feature of it’s own.  Should my rapped padre ever give birth to a sibling I’ll be sure to throw Bric-a-brac in the hat as a possible name.

Day Three:

Saturday was the definitive day of the dead with the city swarming with more shuffling corpses than the normal weekend shoppers.  The Toronto Zombie Walk painted the town red with streaks of red on the sidewalk and window smears of clawing hands.  The creative juices were certainly gushing from arteries with make up effects beyond belief.  My preferred parade pal was a ghoulish Miss Piggy toting a severed Gonzo head.

The reanimated returned to their seats Underground for DeadHeads & War of the Dead.  DeadHeads was a tip top zombuddy road trip fueled by a small dollop of romance.  With some first rate references to Transformers and other awesome lines Ross Kidder steals the show as the erotic asphixiated dead dude.

War of the Dead was the final nail in the genre coffin for me as another war period added a squadron of decomposing grunts, this time in Europe.  With a little clock work occultness going down the squishy squadron have a spring in their step.  I’d hunker in a bunker and wait this war out.

Day Four:

Like a private dick I discovered the festival theme – severed male members.  Theatre Bizarre served up a sizzling one in a series of shorts.  Tom Savini’s Wet Dream and the optically squeamishness Vision Stains saved the day from an uneven mish-mash of shorts.  Perhaps not as enjoyable due to the high caliber of mini movies supporting all other proceedings.

Astronautic loneliness shown in Love was a bold choice for the festival yet if I go in to space I’d rather have company to not be able to hear me scream.  I guess I missed the point or just wasn’t in the mood for it.

There’s still plenty of time to explore in the dark.  Toronto After Dark runs until 27th October at the Underground Cinema on Spadina.


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