Phjoshua On Sports – Movember In Sports!

Movember is almost here – that glorious, wondrous, hilarious month when men all over the world grow out their cookie dusters for a good cause.

That cause, if you weren’t aware – is fighting Men’s Cancers.

This is the 3rd year that I will be participating by growing our my soup strainer for donations.

However, there have been amazing mustaches in sports for decades. If you aren’t a big sports fan or weren’t in the 70’s and 80’s you may not recognize the 3 ‘staches in the first banner…

First is Rollie Fingers – a dude with a mustache that ruled the baseball world. Look at those glorious curls. Next is Lanny McDonald, Stanley Cup winner and even a former Maple Leaf. This pic was snapped while Lanny played for the Calgary Flames – that ginger ‘stache is and always will be amazing! And on the right is Goose Gossage. Another major league pitcher with a major league lip-liner.

I wish that I had the hormones to pull off any one of these classic styles this Movember…However, I am not the man that those men are – and so I will not likely have a mustache that formidable.

That doesn’t mean that I can’t try and keep up with the current athletes.

Hockey players seem to be the most enthusiastic when it comes to their Movember offerings. Every year there are guys who bust out some amazing facial hair for the cause and they raise a ton of money.

Wait until the 15th and google “NHL Movember 2012″ and you will find some great/hilarious/awful/well-meaning/ridiculous mustaches. Last year the Anaheim Ducks really showed their enthusiasm and I expect that they will again this year. Big ups to all of those guys.

I love that Carey Price participates – he’s my goalie, my guy, my man crush and he’s got a cute little ‘stache going. I think that I can do as well as him. In fact, his attempt is pictured on the left with me in the centre (last Movember at Tweetgasm) – I think I have a chance to do better. And then there’s Aaron Rogers – Super Bowl Champion, All-Star, All-Around Good Guy and he’s got one hell of a Hulk Hogan imitation going on.

Maybe that’s what I’ll try and do this year. If you want to keep track of my progress, styling and perhaps make a donation click RIGHT HERE and check out my MoSpace.

The mustaches you see in the next 30 days may be hilarious, but don’t forget it’s all for a good cause. Help save some lives – Be Awesome!