Phjoshua On Sports – Lessons I’ve Learned From Sports Movies!

I love sports a lot and I also love movies – so logic dictates that I adore sports movies.

The thing about sports movies is that they come with a lot of great lessons that can be taken and translated into real life. In fact, ignoring these lessons is a dangerous and foolish act that can only lead to bad things.

There are a lot of sports movies and a lot of lessons, many of which will not be listed here today. If you feel like I have dishonored you by not including something please let me know.

Things I’ve Learned From Sports Movies

1. There’s no crying in baseball – A League Of Their Own

2. Become a successful, cut-throat lawyer – get busted for DUI and coach minor hockey until you’re a national hero – Mighty Ducks

3. If you listen to the voices in your head you will get to play catch with your dad – Field Of Dreams

4. If you build it, they will come – Field Of Dreams

5. Baseball is a lot like religion – Bull Durham

6. It’s not the colour of a man that matters but the colour of his uniform – Remember The Titans

7. You can love baseball, but it won’t love you back like Drew Barrymore can – Fever Pitch

8. Lie to your parents if you really want to follow your dreams - Bend It Like Beckham

9. You can breathe through your eyelids – Bull Durham

10. Werewolves are good at basketball – Teen Wolf

11. Werewolves are also good at boxing – Teen Wolf Too

12. Big dogs aren’t always scary – The Sandlot

13. Every child needs to know what a s’more is and who Babe Ruth is or they will be made fun of – The Sandlot

14. Pay attention to traffic lights – Remember The Titans

15. Exploding stadium lights are really pretty – The Natural

16. Closers need awesome theme music and a nasty attitude – Major League

17. Nudity is a great motivator – Major League

18. You can create rain delays – Bull Durham

19. A rag-tag group of Alaskans are better than NHL players because they have heart – Mystery, Alaska

20. I get free coffee at work but the Oakland A’s have to pay for soda – therefore, I win – Moneyball

21. If your name is Jesus you will awesome at basketball – He Got Game

22. Putting on your old team uniform will make you come together and win the big game – Mighty Ducks

23. Always explain the full rules in a bet – Tin Cup

24. Teachers can be really hot – Varsity Blues

25. Fighting will make people love you if you are a little weird – Slap Shot

#GoHabsGo – #GoCowboys