Little Terrors

The blazing hot summer is normally reserved for blockbuster cinema action but as the sunny day dies something more sinister is lurking in the dusk just outside of the downtown core in  Toronto.

The newly opened Projection Booth East is the monthly home to a horror anthology called Little Terrors, presented by some very able crypt keepers in the form of director Justin McConnell’s Unstable Ground & Rue Morgue.

Seven shorts at 7pm matched the number of digits severed in the first film of the series – Disfingered.  We’ve all maybe had a few too many drinks before & woke up the next day with a gap or two in the recollection of the evening’s exploit’s but Richard has a more physical memento missing.  Who are you going to point a finger at when you are running out of them to make the gesture with!


Open Invitation was Justin’s own part of the pack.  I’m sure all of you’ve all been to a social media gathering before or have been behind the scenes organising a tweet up.  Have you felt the pressures of a perfectionist?

School may be out for summer but you get to burrow under the skin and psyche of the seemingly sincere  teacher, Geoffrey Dodd,  in Worm.  His mind and stream of consciousness reveals a darker insight to his lesson plan than a potential pop quiz.   Robert Nolan’s excellent performance and inner voice is not to be missed.

Farmers will go to any measure to secure a bumper crop.  Fallow has the most horrifying harvest tactics since The Wicker Man.

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Remote is more than your average television clicker.  We tune in to a snow storm late at night where fate or another force plays with time in a suspenseful thriller worthy of Twilight Zone classic status.

There’s pretty much an “…of the Dead” movie for just about everything these days.  Just when you thought zombies couldn’t get more Canadian than George A. Romero becoming a Canuck – Dead Spiel gives zombie sports an ice rink to curl on.  I was lucky enough to watch this in 2009 at Dundas square and met the guys involved.  This chance encounter & introduction to the Fright Fest guys in town for TIFF meant that movie got to play in the country where the sport originated.

Corpses on ice segways nicely in to the spiritual home of zombie fans everywhere.  The Monroeville mall used for Dawn of the Dead get’s it’s own short doc and Little Terrors was the lucky enough to host the Canadian premiere as the closing film of the first edition.  CineMall sees fanatic pilgrimages from as far as Europe to relocating life and even working at the shopping centre.

Sequels are always bigger and bloodier, so seems the upcoming second run for Little Terrors.   Keep up to date with what’s coming in August.

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