Permanent Error – Pieter Hugo

The corner of Front and Spadina is this interesting gateway to the condo land, which is Cityplace. It was also the location for the public installation, Permanent Error by Pieter Hugo which appeared on four billboards and twelve panels. What initially captured my attention about this piece was the striking imagery of the expansive wasteland in Ghana and it’s juxtaposition against the towering condos on the south side of Front Street. But on another occasion, driving into the city off the Gardiner and up Spadina, the billboards have a similar shocking effect with the bustling city in the background with the fashion district just up the street and Chinatown in the distance. Upon closer inspection of the photography, you realize that these marginalize people are living in an industrial waste land of old discarded technology from Western countries such as ours. It really makes you question, what happens to your digital waste?

This installation can be viewed until this coming Saturday, if you are in the area, take a moment to contemplate and enjoy these powerful images.