NXNE : Films To Set Your Compass By

NXNE and it’s interactive attachment start up this week.  Here are my tips in the form of a top five films that caught my eye.

1.Matatu Express.  After The Worldwide Shorts Film Festival where I learned a little about Kenya through fans of Celine Dion I’m curious to see another side of life there.  Meaning a cheap mode of transport in Swahili, Matatu is a documentary about the new generations of people living in the slums of Nairobi.  The musical connection comes from hip hop performers in that area providing the sound track.



Wednesday – NFB Mediatheque – 5pm


2.Ivory Tower. A Chessy comedy with Canadian musicians switching hats and undertaking some acting action.  Pawns are sure to topple as two brothers battle on the black & white squares for the games and love of a familiar sounding performance artist.



Friday - Toronto Underground Cinema – 2pm


3. Below New York.  Take a break from the TTC and see what NYC has to offer from the subterranean savior’s of the  morning commute.

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Friday - NFB Mediatheque – 7:30pm


4.William S. Burroughs: A Man Within.  Trend setting influencers?  See how it’s done right here.




Sunday – NFB Mediatheque – Noon


5.The Disposable Film Festival.  A festival wrapped inside a festival featuring films made on those spaghetti shoe string budgets all made possible by inexpensive tech. It’s kind of cheating but who said my fave five had to play fair?




Tuesday - Toronto Underground Cinema – 9pm


  1. Thanks for this. I rode matatus in Nairobi and I would love to see this film!

  2. Awesome! Hope you get to check it out & relive some memories. You also might like http://www.facebook.com/poweroflovefilm which shows another quite surreal side to Kenya.

  3. Thanks for the shout out :)