Exhibit Profile: That’s So Gay

Queer isn’t just a way of effing — it’s a way of being.

With Toronto in full Pride Week mode, it seemed very fitting to highlight a new art exhibit going on at the Gladstone–That’s So Gay: The New Queer. This is the Gladstone’s Second Annual Pride Exhibition, curated by Sholem Krishtalka; In this year’s exhibition Krishtalka explores the meaning, definition, and stigma(s) around the word “Queer”. With the established tradition that most Pride exhibits and shows focus on the artist’s or performer’s sexuality, That’s So Gay decided to change the game by presenting the general public with work that isn’t about homosexuality, but rather an exploration of the art itself.

That’s So Gay features artworks of FASTWÜRMS with Cecilia Berkovic, Team Macho, Shary Boyle, Michael Comeau, Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby, and Alison SM Kobayashi. These artists all bring unique and often complex ideas to their artwork, exploring the construction and rejection of heteronormative art and content.
Below is an artist statement from the curator, Sholem Krishtalka–one that I found quite beautiful and reveals the show better than I can describe to you:

I have created this show, and included these artists, because I want to broaden the borders of what queerness can mean. The artists represented in this show are already a part of our queer community. They work with us, they party with us, they live with us, and we have in turn influenced them, colored, altered, enriched their artistic practices. My aim for this show is, in fact, to trouble these borders between us and them, not so that we become “less gay” (as if queerness were a quantifiable commodity that you could deplete), but rather to increase our numbers, to augment the space that queers take up. I believe in queerness as an ontology, a life philosophy, an-ever-present way of being in the world that can’t be discarded according to the fashion of the moment; that has been the impetus behind the That’s So Gay shows. My whole argument is that queerness is a generous, expansive force.

Rush over to the Gladstone Hotel for a one-of-a-kind art exhibit: That’s So Gay runs from June 24 – July 10 2011, from noon to 5PM. Interested? Have questions? Contact: Britt Welter-Nolan Director of Exhibitions britt@gladstonehotel.com

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  1. What I wanna know is how did freaking UNICORNS become a symbol for the modern Queer/Gay?

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