I finally got myself an iPod Touch


So I finally got myself an iPod Touch the other day. A simple 8 gig one. So I’ve started loading it with calendar events and contacts (email me you info). I’ve put on a couple of albums and a sampling of pictures.

Simply amazing. I’m sure I’ll probably be kicking myself down the road for not getting a bigger one, but for now they will do beautifully and I’ll simply carry my 30 gig iPod for those days where I need a lot of music.

Now maybe I can win one for Jay.


iPods - Hot Christmas Gifts!

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  1. Eva says:

    At Christmas I saw someone playing with one at the airport: she was flipping through a photo album and it looked like SO much fun.

  2. Deadrobot says:

    Hack it! HACK IT!!!

  3. photojunkie says:

    It’s been all sorts of fun and useful.

    As for hacking it, I’ll perhaps wait until after i get back from SXSW.

  4. imelda says:

    I picked one up on my way out of town to Austin. I too already love it! Hack? I thought you only hack an iPhone not a touch.

  5. Rick says:

    I bought one myself just less than a week ago. lovin’ it

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