End of the Week Round Up.

So here are some links I’ve gathered over the week. Sometimes I come across some nifty links but really don’t feel like writing a post about each and everyone.

Exposed: The memory card and ISO affair. – Ever wondered why the number of photos you can take on your digital camera changes when you changed the ISO?

Interview with HDR photographer Trey Ratcliff – Trey is one of the leading experts in the world of HDR photography, check out this insightful interview.

Why Press Photography of the Presidential Primaries Lacks, as a List – I’m not very political, but I found this post about press photography and the Presidential primaries to be very interesting.

Dpreview launches lens reviews – The ever popular DPReview has launched lens reviews. Hopefully, they’ll do a bit of back tracking and review some of the older, but popular lens as well.