End of the Week Round Up.

Another week and another list of cool links. There are quite a few this week. I hope you emjoy them all. And of course, feel free to send me links over the week.

One Image – 17 Amazing Interpretations – It just goes to show that different people see different things, even in post processing.

Flash: Polaroid waves good-bye to instant film – It’s a sad day when polaroid says they aren’t making instant films anymore. Start stock piling now.

The DIY Gorilla Pod – Clever, but seriously, a real gorillapod is not that expensive.

Blockposters – Print big on the cheap. It’s basically like the rasterbator, but not obviously pixelized.

Police views on Street Photography – Yet another story about getting harassed by police for taking photos.

Why the Web Still Lacks as a Method to Display, Evaluate, or Enjoy Detailed Photographs… – An interesting piece regarding the lack of details.

Canon Repair Estimates:What to Expect – This sounds like your “textbook” experience. I’ve had better, but I’ve also heard of worse.

Photowalking Tips – I’ve been doing this for longer than I remember. The tips are fine and dandy, but most of all have fun, keep your eyes open and even backtrack, because streets look different depending on which way you are walking them.

Street Tips – While we are on the topic, here are some more awesome tips.

9 Pet Photography Tips – Because we all love our pets, but often don’t know how to shoot them.