Check your Exif data online.

Do you ever run into the situation where you are not quite sure, when you took a picture? Perhaps you want to find out what exposure setting or ISO you used in a shot. In digital photography, you can usually find this out but checking the Exif data of a picture. Exif stands for Exchangeable image file format which is a standard in digital cameras that stores all the information pertaining to the image taken, such as camera specs, focal lengths, exposure settings, date, iso and more. Generally, you need to log into software such as photoshop in order to retrieve this data but wiseGeek has a online app which you can use to extract the data of images online or on your harddrive. My filing system is all date based, so finding out what date the image was taken is usually an easy way for me to track down the original file in my archives. (Thanks to Lindsay to sending in this great little link)


  1. For Firefox users, a fantastic extension that I don’t surf without is Fxif. It adds the Exif data to the right-click menu item “Properties” for any online picture, or I suppose if you opened a web-friendly image file in Firefox, it should work the same way.

  2. Thanks for that! Really cool. You might already know but there are also a few EXIF Firefox extensions. I think I use this one: