Checking In

Kiln Angel
Photo of Alison by John. Light and concept by me.

– Checking in… Still here, just been very busy. So much to do. So little time.

Alison visited this past weekend. We had a great time, saw some Docs, went to Brickworks and took in some Hot Fuzz.

HotDocs is all this week, seeing a ton of films. Already seen 2 over the weekend. And I’m seeing 12 more between now and Sunday.

Contact is a week away. So many exhibits to check out. So many openings.

– Submit your Transit Stories to OneStopMedia, to be shown on the TTC during Contact.

– Working on another redesign. I’m not quite happy with the look of the site at the moment. I have to admit I was a little inspired by the doc, Helvetica.

– No I haven’t forgot about the contest winner announcement. I just haven’t had the chance to sit down and pull names.

– Been loving Super Paper Mario for the Wii. I’m finished about 80% of the regular game.

– Who’s on facebook?

24 Hours of Flickr : Sign up today. It’s gonna be on May 5th, 2007


  1. Glad to see some posts again. Got any tips for Contact shows? There’s so many and I hate finding out at the end of May that I’ve missed the best ones. Care to put together a suggestion list?

  2. Blaine.

    I have yet to look over the schedule. But there are quite a few shows that my friends are in.

    Lemme see if I can put a list together before Saturday. As there are a few openings on Saturday.

  3. Oh my god! A new post :)

  4. Yay, new postings! Im on facebook, though under my real name of course. :) How did you set up this shot?

  5. The shot was a 15 second exposure on a tripod.

    I don’t know what the f-stop setting was on the camera, but basically. during the exposure, I used a flashlight behind alison to get the lighting effect, with a quick spash of light on her face.

    PS: It’s nice to see that some people have missed me.

  6. I’ve added you to my Google Reader so I’ll notice when you update.

    Not to be weird or anything but I first saw this picture the day after the TTC accident. this morning, the subway car slowed a bit past the accident spot and the driver blew his horn. Creepy.

  7. I’m on facebook.. and have a contact opening! :-)

  8. Hey R-Dog.
    Good to see you on the weekend. Let me know if you need any graphic work done for the redesign.