March Monday Night Madness

Snaps and Nikes

So the powerbook stopped booting on Sunday morning. It’s being looked at this week, but it means I’m without a computer for at least a week. Perhaps it’s time to look into an iMac.

This evening I got myself a pair of Nike runners. When did running shoes start to look so futuristic. So I figured I’d start using the treadmill and bike in the exercise room downstairs in my apt. So apparently with a purchase of shoes you get a free box of gingersnap cookies. WTF?

So I’m finally catching up on some ironing while watching Season One of Laguna Beach. How’s that for multitasking.


  1. hi Rannie,

    this post can very well be good for a Twitter entry….nice.

  2. But Rannie, of course your shoes look futuristic: this IS the future! It’s 2007!!

  3. HA… this entry is way too long for Twitter… probably more suitable for 3 or 4 twitter entries.

  4. what kind of nutter came up with THAT promo??????? lol too funny — nice shoes.

  5. you think you’d have learned your lesson from the Mac that died on you…

    I half-kid. I want one, but only cuz it can run windows. And then I remember that I can get an Intel Core 2 Duo (them new ones) with a gig of ram and a 300 gig hard drive laptop for under 800$.

  6. sorry, 120 gig, lawl

  7. Why my camera was stolen and I don’t have insurance!!! I am crying !! I need to work and cannot do it without my camera. Sorry I needed to share it with someone!! xx

  8. Shoe Factory was giving away cookies if you buy any pair of shoes in March. I guess they’d want you to use the pair quickly because you’d feel guilty with eating the cookies and hope that you’d use your shoes often and then want to get another pair for the newness factor.


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