Toronto Transit Camp this Sunday

For all you Transit aficionados in the city, Toronto Transit Camp is going to be happening this Sunday at the Gladstone Hotel. From what I understand there are still spots available (limited to 100 participants). I’ll be there and I’ll be running an ongoing slideshow of transit photos from members of the Toronto Photoblogging community. If you’d like to throw your images into the mix, drop me a line.

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David Crow – Trouble Maker

The first person I approached when I wanted to do portraits from the tech scene in Toronto was David Crow. He is the glue of the TorCamp community. David is also an experience designer, consultant and a software developer, but put simply he is a self proclaimed trouble maker.

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Wii Party Tomorrow

So there’s gonna be a top secret Wii party tomorrow evening. It will involve 4 Wii and anyone with a Nintendo DS. If you want details drop me a line.

PS: Just so you have a better understanding… There is gonna be 4 Wii, 3 projectors, 1 TV and a room full of Nintendo DS users.

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Button Mash This! : Wii know you want it

This week’s edition of Button Mash This! brings us links into the love affair between your Wii and your Mac, a couple more unique and promising handheld titles for ’07, and perhaps the hottest “totally random” links to date. No time to waste… here we go!

[via Joystiq]

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Vista on the Rocks

Microsoft Windows Vista and 2007 Microsoft Office are being released today worldwide. To celebrate, Microsoft Canada has set up an Ice House at Dundas Square in Toronto. Built with 270,000 lbs of ice, the house will be open to the public from January 30th to February 3rd (10 am to 7pm) and will demo the new operating system and office suite.

Michael Glenn – Radiant Core

Michael is the VP over at Radiant Core. It’s always a challenge to photograph someone whom I’ve known for a limited amount of time, but he settled into the model role pretty quickly.

This is the second in a series of portraits from the tech field. I have two more lined up for tomorrow.

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