Chocolate Eclairs in Toronto.

So I wanna know, who has the lead on the best Chocolate Eclairs in Toronto? leave your suggestions in the comments. A field trip with photos will follow. I’m on a mission.

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  1. Chris says:

    There’s a Belgium family run bakery in Pickering at Whites & Kingston Road that will make you forget about every other pastry you’ve ever eaten. EVER.

  2. Lex says:

    How do we sign up to come with you on this adventure?

  3. photojunkie says:

    Consider yourself signed up.

  4. SarahBHood says:

    Say, count me in if you have room for another éclair sampler, Rannie! I have a few spots I’ve been planning to check out. My first job was in a very authentic French pastry shop in Montreal, and it’s been a subject dear to my heart ever since. The Belgian tip sounds hot, by the way.

  5. blauwbaarz says:

    La decandence gourmande with bruno elsier as a tru belgian chef. being one myself i trust that all things belgian are best prepared by a belgian.

  6. bruno elsier says:

    you guys are welcome to come amd sample my eclairs whenever you want.

    Chef Bruno

  7. James Kelly says:

    What happened to the Belgian Bakery in Pickering?! Chef Bruno, did you pay the rent yet? Your bakery is fantastic — would hate to see it disappear.

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