Chocolate Eclairs in Toronto.

So I wanna know, who has the lead on the best Chocolate Eclairs in Toronto? leave your suggestions in the comments. A field trip with photos will follow. I’m on a mission.


  1. There’s a Belgium family run bakery in Pickering at Whites & Kingston Road that will make you forget about every other pastry you’ve ever eaten. EVER.

  2. How do we sign up to come with you on this adventure?

  3. Consider yourself signed up.

  4. Say, count me in if you have room for another éclair sampler, Rannie! I have a few spots I’ve been planning to check out. My first job was in a very authentic French pastry shop in Montreal, and it’s been a subject dear to my heart ever since. The Belgian tip sounds hot, by the way.

  5. La decandence gourmande with bruno elsier as a tru belgian chef. being one myself i trust that all things belgian are best prepared by a belgian.

  6. you guys are welcome to come amd sample my eclairs whenever you want.

    Chef Bruno

  7. James Kelly says:

    What happened to the Belgian Bakery in Pickering?! Chef Bruno, did you pay the rent yet? Your bakery is fantastic — would hate to see it disappear.