My Toronto Includes Wendy Koslow

Wendy Koslow

Belting out a tune at Kickass Karaoke, upstairs at the Rivoli

What is your most favourite place in the city? Upstairs at the Rivoli on a Kickass Karaoke night.

What is it that you like about this location? I was there the first time I really impressed Joey, who would much later become my husband. Also, I feel part of the city when we go there, which makes me so happy since I haven’t lived here long.

Where is the best place to eat in the city? Hidden jewel: I’m not telling, but Rannie, we’ll take you there. Cheap eats: San Francesco or Swatow. Fancy pants: Scaramouche or La Fenice

What do you like about living in Toronto? I like that I can find my way around even though I’m new here. I like that people have surrounded me and treated me with incredible warmth. I like the overt multiculturalism, as opposed to the repressed weird style in Boston, where I’m from.

What do you hate about living in Toronto? I hate milk in bags.

No, just kidding. I hate that I don’t yet have a job, and I want a team and wonderful coworkers and a daily purpose like I had in my old life.

Where would I find you on a lazy Sunday afternoon in the city? We have dinner Sunday evenings with my in-laws, so you’d probably find me at my husband’s sister’s house, playing with our nephews.

Who is your favourite Local Celebrity? My husband, Joey “The Accordion Guy” DeVilla. Or Carson from Kickass Karaoke.

Car, Bike or Transit? Transit when possible. Then car.


Favorite personal story or commentary on the city Having only lived here nine months, I think my proudest Toronto moment was the first time I ran into someone in the subway. It was about six weeks after I arrived, and I was waiting in Dufferin station to meet Joey, and there all of a sudden was his first cousin Saturn. It rocked. I felt like a real part of things.

My Toronto Includes everyone who’ll include me.