My Toronto Includes Adina Goldman

Adina Goldman, pixel pusher/ website wrangler
Buying some produce at the corner of Dundas and Huron in Chinatown.

What is your most favourite place in the city?
Kensington Market/Chinatown

What is it that you like about this location?
The bustle, the colors, the food, and that it is everything that Toronto isn’t supposed to be.

Where is the best place to eat in the city?
Perola for pupusas, Golden Turtle for the Pho, Udupi Palace for the Dosas, Flip, Toss Thai for the Phad Thai….none of these places for atmosphere.

What do you like about living in Toronto?
Good food, small communities, neighbourhoods nestled in the downtown, hidden jems, lovely friends, everything in bikeable distance.

What do you hate about living in Toronto?
pollution, high cost of living, the honking soccer fans, the way people are afraid to dance at concerts.

Where would I find you on a lazy Sunday afternoon in the city?
Eating pupusas at Perola’s, shopping for groceries, making a big dinner, riding my bike.

Who is your favourite Local Celebrity?
Live here long enough, it could be you!

Car, Bike or Transit? bike


Favorite personal story or commentary on the city
This city has so many hidden treasures. I love being able to walk down streets in my ‘hood and run into old friends, or find complete anonymity a streetcar away. It’s the perfect size – intimate enough that you feel you can change things in your neighbourhood, but large enough that you can still get lost in the urban bustle.

My Toronto includes a sprawling community of wonderful people, constant distractions, every spice and flavour from around the world, and plenty of green space.