Nokia Frenzy in Toronto


So this weekend I bumped into Eli, Sameer (shown above) and Tanya, who were all reciepients of the Nokia 6682 seeding campaign.

The phone is so pretty, in a feminine kinda way, especially with it’s pearly finish. It’s a tad on the heavy size, but that just means it’s well built, right? And from what I have seen, it takes decent pictures, if the light is decent. In lower light, not so much.

On of my favorite shots so far from the cameraphone is this one taken by Jill of a son and his mother. Also check out Jeremy’s set of 25 on flickr.


Also check out Blaine’s full review of the phone on his site.


  1. I recognize that hand! I like the phone, but the buttons are waaay too small for chubby fingered people like me.

  2. I also have a set on Flickr for those interested :

    The pictures are straight out of the camera, none of them has been post processed.

    I love the phone, thanks for the referral, Rannie!

  3. I was seeded with the phone in Ottawa. Review up here.