My Toronto Includes Ted Healey

Ted Healey, Graphic/Web Designer
Taking in the amazing view of the skyline from the top of Riverdale Park East.

What is your most favourite place in the city? Riverdale Park, Broadview and Hogarth, just at the north end, looking south.

What is it that you like about this location? It’s a fantasic open space that overlooks the entire downtown core. I love taking the streetcar south from Broadview station on a bright sunny day or from sunset to full dark. It’s my “Toronto moment” every time.

Where is the best place to eat in the city? Tough one. I would have to say Olympic 76 Pizza, Gloucester and Yonge. Only the decor has changed since the 80s, its the only restaruant I’ve gone to more than 5 times in the last year.

What do you like about living in Toronto? It’s not dirty. People are friendly. There’s always something to do. Shopping!

What do you hate about living in Toronto? It’s getting dirty. People are getting edgy. I’m scared to go do something. Expensive!

Where would I find you on a lazy Sunday afternoon in the city? I love going in and out of computer stores on College then dipping into Kensington Market for used clothing shopping, or finding a strip mall somewhere thats packed with gadget stores. I also like the junk shops along Queen East.

Who is your favourite Local Celebrity? My brother, Michael Healey. I get $5 every time I say that.

Car, Bike or Transit? Yes (to go camping), yes (on days off) and yes (on workdays).


Favorite personal story or commentary on the city From My Blog. So Im playing a vid game at The Tool Box tonight. Its quiet. Not too busy. Two barflies are playing the game beside me. One skinny, on the game, the other, portly and hanging onto the skinny guy like some drunk bingo winner with a jackpot cheque in her hand. Here’s the conversation: Big Guy: “Halloween. You know what you are gonna be?” Skinny Guy: “If all goes right, a Marine!” BG: “If all goes right, Im gonna be a Klingon!” SG: “First series?” BG: “God who does that? Who does the first series Klingon!? Come on!”

My Toronto includes that stomach tossing moment at the top of the Mine Buster Rollercoaster, a big basket of wings from Duffs on Bayview, a comicbook from Silver Snail, the view from the Hanlans Point ferry and watching weirdos on the TTC.