My Toronto Includes Me

Wordpress Rannie

So today, I went ahead and filled out the My Toronto Includes form as I will likely shoot myself for the project. And now I truly believe how difficult it is to answer the 10 questions. I have to salute anyone who has taken the time. You guys rock.


  1. Hey Rannie…what happened you dont wanna shot me ..? :(Geo and I are both interested still (but I’m not sure if he has filled out the form)

  2. Kathy,

    I have recieved 161 forms so far and basically I have been contacting people on a week to week basis based on their location.

    I will probably send out a quick email to everyone who has signed up so far to let them know what is going on.

  3. I told you it was difficult!! Mine will need updating by the time you shoot me, probably.

  4. 161! Wow, you basically have a 1 person for the rest of the year. I was worried you were only shooting people during the summer! Very impressive. I got 5 friends who have agreed to let me shoot them, and tracking people down can be a nightmare!