Matchstick expands their search for Canadian Bloggers


Earlier this year, Matchstick approached a number of bloggers about their opinions on buy and using technology, more specifically cellphones. Back in June, they started seeding Nokia 6682 cellphones to bloggers both in Toronto and Vancouver handing out approximately 60 phones to date.

There are still about 30 phones left up for grabs to Canadian bloggers. Their efforts have moved to the Montreal and Calgary markets, but they are also willing to look at Ottawa, Edmonton and Halifax if the right candidates present themselves.

Here is the criteria that Matchstick is looking for.

* Hosts a popular blog with 400+ visits a day
* Between the ages of 22-35
* Keeps his/ her blog updated on a regular basis with pictures and video
* Very socially active
* Must currently be on the ROGERS network with their current phone.
* Lives in one of the above mentioned cities

If you know anyone who fits this and is interested in a free phone upgrade drop me a line and I can put them in touch with the appropriate people.


  1. If only Fido’rs were allowed.