Matchstick expands their search for Canadian Bloggers


Earlier this year, Matchstick approached a number of bloggers about their opinions on buy and using technology, more specifically cellphones. Back in June, they started seeding Nokia 6682 cellphones to bloggers both in Toronto and Vancouver handing out approximately 60 phones to date.

There are still about 30 phones left up for grabs to Canadian bloggers. Their efforts have moved to the Montreal and Calgary markets, but they are also willing to look at Ottawa, Edmonton and Halifax if the right candidates present themselves.

Here is the criteria that Matchstick is looking for.

* Hosts a popular blog with 400+ visits a day
* Between the ages of 22-35
* Keeps his/ her blog updated on a regular basis with pictures and video
* Very socially active
* Must currently be on the ROGERS network with their current phone.
* Lives in one of the above mentioned cities

If you know anyone who fits this and is interested in a free phone upgrade drop me a line and I can put them in touch with the appropriate people.


Rusted out, it looks like these are disconnected.

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Lizzie Dances

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Back when I had the Canon SD700 IS on loan, I arrived at my sister’s place to catch her room mater Liz dancing on the driveway. Heres the clip from the camera.

I chose to set her dance to the beginning of the song Here We Go Again, by Violet Static. It’s her and my sister’s band.

I am very tempted to record some video clips of me randomly dancing on the subway and then set it to music. Although,I dunno if I have the nerve.

PJ Bike Week : Queen Street West

Queen Street, probably the mecca of Bikes. I don’t think you can walk along Queen Street for more longer than a minute without seeing them.

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My Toronto Includes Graham Powell

Graham Powell, Photographer, Songwriter, IT
Enjoying a coffee while giving me a tour outside his loft.

What is your most favourite place in the city? It USED to be parkdale (when I lived there) Now that I have moved to Leslieville, it’s HERE!

What is it that you like about this location? Always changing, diverse group of people.

Where is the best place to eat in the city? Being a vegetarian (vegan wanna-be) I love Pulp Kitchen! El Asador on bloor for burritos (veggie)

What do you like about living in Toronto? The people. SO SO many wonderful people that I have met and have yet to meet.

What do you hate about living in Toronto? The number of SUVs on the streets, often left idling. And people who seem to be ingorant about the world around them, thinking only of THEMSELVES. Even simply throwing garbage out your window while driving really gets to me. I really think they just don’t get it though, I don’t think they would truly be that careless if they actually THOUGHT about it. I’m not sure what we can do to make people see things the way they are.

Where would I find you on a lazy Sunday afternoon in the city? Strolling through my NEW neigbourhood taking photos, and then sipping a soy latte at Mercury Espresso Bar.

Who is your favourite Local Celebrity? That’s a tough one.

Car, Bike or Transit? Smart or Vespa or on foot ( if time allows )


Favorite personal story or commentary on the city While I was walking down Queen street a man yelled my name, I walked over to Xrays where he was eating. Turned out to be Dan Akroyd. He asked if I wanted to have something to eat with him. I told him I was meeting friends for Supper. When I met my friends and told them the story, they said “YOU Idiot!!” Guess they where right. Guess I snubbed HIM! Silly guy…

My Toronto includes trees, grass and fresh air!

My Toronto Includes Me

Wordpress Rannie

So today, I went ahead and filled out the My Toronto Includes form as I will likely shoot myself for the project. And now I truly believe how difficult it is to answer the 10 questions. I have to salute anyone who has taken the time. You guys rock.