Ica has such a intriguing smile. Dare I say, a Mona Lisa smile?

Flickr URL * http://flickr.com/photos/photojunkie/103281403/


  1. Whoa … My first time at this website, and I was sure it was a stock photography site. The colors in this photo are perfect. The beige goes wonderfully with the hair and skin-tones.

  2. Awesome framing, Rannie. Beautiful!

  3. ica has to be one of the best subjects to photograph. Photographs of her seem to always turn out great. Another good one Rannie.

  4. I just get photographed by the right people ;)

  5. Wow! Beautiful!

  6. couldn’t resist – i simply loved the pic. its soft..
    u framed it beautifully n the expressions on her face tell nothing but JOY :)

  7. Dude, this is so fricking good, top notch work man.

  8. Gorgeous – I really like the framing.

  9. Very well done, neat expression and composition.