CBA : Round up

Today is the last day of Round 1 voting in the Canadian Blog Awards. Thanks to anyone who has voted thus far. In my previous posting I sent shout outs to my fellow nominees in the photoblog category.

Here are some other sites that I think you should check out.

Accordion Guy who is listed in the Best Blog category

Blamblog who is listed in the Best Blog and Best Humour Blog categories

LizVang who is listed in the Best Blog and Best Personal Blog categories

Colourblind who is listed in Best New Blog and Best Photoblog categories

Torontoist who is listed in Best Group Blog

Chromewaves in the Best Culture Blog category

Robot Johnny in the Best Culture Blog category

Dead Robot in the Best Personal Blog category.

Amber Mac in the Best Media category

Check these out and all the other nominees if you get a chance. It’s nice to see such a diverse group of blogs being represented here in Canada.

Spiral Shadows

It’s amazing what you can find when you look at shadows. Strangely enough these shadows of a spiral fence could only be seen on the concrete from certain angles. Luckily I had my monopod with me last night to keep things steady. I definitely need to start using it more often.

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Medium Format in my blood.

Since starting the photojunkie SQUARED site a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been really excited about getting back into medium format again.

This coming Saturday, December 3rd, 2005 is the December 120 challenge on Flickr. The theme is “Holiday” and I urge you to participate. I think I may even try shooting with my new Bioflex for the challenge.

In related news, photojunkie SQUARED is currently a hot photoblog on and is also rising on the top newcomers list.

Add me as a favorite if you are enjoying the site.

Also, let me know if there are any cameras you wanna see shots from. Currently there are Diana , Holga, Lubitel 2 and Yashica Mat 124G shots.

I also have a Lubitel, Lubitel 166, Agfa Syncro Box Camera, Agfa Solette Folding Camera, Target Brownie Six-20 Box Camera, Spartus Full vue, Trailblazer Metal Camera, and BioFlex. I also have some Hassy shot when I borrowed my friend Hasselblad back in August.

Let me tell you, my wallet is gonna like this.


Sometimes you have to be a little crazy.

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So yesterday I had a chance to check out this camera show with Michael from 6oh. The show was up in Thornhill so Michael picked me up along the way, which was nice not driving for a change. The show was at the Thornhill Community Centre and the room where they were having the show was not very large. It felt pretty cramped with all the vendors, dealers and patrons, but that didn’t stop us from checking out the warez. It was a pretty slow start and we were overwhealmed by the crowd and underwhealmed by the deals. We ran into Jordan from photosensitive.

It wasn’t until we made it to the last corner of the gymnasium when I found a dealer with a bunch of random boxes under his table. Aftre a quick sift I emerged with something called the Bioflex which is a faux TLR double lens box camera. It’s plastic feel had an instant appeal to me so I talked the guy down in price and got me a new camera. Doing a quick google search, it seems that there are a handful of these TLR floating around, one person even calling it the big brother to the diana. Hopefully I will have a roll shot off this week so I can get some samples up onto the SQUARED site.

The rest of the show was a bit of a bust for me. There were a few interesting deals to be had, but none that I followed through with. We weaved through the aisles at least 4 times contemplating two different camera bags, a few 77mm filters for my sigma lens, a retro camera strap (which actually was this weird suspender design strap), some slide carousels and a remote for my Canon A2. Strangely enough I restrained myself from making any rash purchases and settled in on 10 rolld of outdated Konica 400iso 120 colour film.

Apparently the next two shows will be in January and March again at the Thornhill Community Centre.


The great thing about sunsets is that it means there will be a new fresh day tomorrow.

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