What was I thinking?

Okay who sets up a Dentist appoint on Halloween? Apparently me. What was I thinking?

Speak For Yourself

When I was in Boston last month, I found an import copy of the new Imogen Heap album at Tower records. I was very tempted to snatch it up, right there and then, but the high import price tag prevented me from doing so. Apparently the album was first release in the UK on July 18th, 2005. Fast forward to tomorrow, November 1st. The new and long awaited Imogen Heap album, Speak For Yourself is being released domestically in Canada and the United States. It’s about freaking time.

The name might not ring a bell immediately, but this by far isn’t her first effort. Imogen Heap released her first Album, “I Megaphone” in 1998 and then became the front woman for the group Frou Frou which became popularized the inclusion of the song “Let Go” in the movie “Garden State”. Or perhaps if you are a fan of the show The OC, you may recognize the songs, “Goodnight and Go” which appeared on Mix 4 or “Hide and Seek” which appeared on Mix 5

I haven’t heard the full album yet, only snippets, but it’s definitely something I’m going to pick up.

Jay Santos

The persona of Jay Santos is an interesting one. Back in September during the Toronto International Film Festival, a bunch of us were hanging out on Queen St. on the Friday night. Carrie had scored a pass to Schmoozefest from our friend Kristi, so she decided to check it out briefly, while the group of us waited around on the street armed with our cameras. What started out as me taking a couple shots of Jay in a side alley, soon became a horde of us shooting away in papparazzi fashion. What happen next was unexpected. A couple of people passing by decided to stop and circle around us, trying to figure out who we were taking pictures of. Our friend Eduardo, piped up and said, ” That’s the Jay Santos, he is in the new Russell Crowe film.”

One girl proceeded to take out her camera phone and started shooting pictures along side us “pros”. She later asked Jay to bite her apple and sign her stomach. Now it seems to be a running joke.

Flickr URL * http://www.flickr.com/photos/photojunkie/54501504/

Simply Canvas

Back in March I had a print done on canvas for exhibition. Let me tell you, it was a pain to get printed, and even more difficult to get someone to strech it. I ended up having to stretch it myself. Let me say it is not a cheap venture.

Now services are popping up online such as Simply Canvas based out of Chicago. They print your images on canvas and have them professionally stretched for you.

I think I’m going to have to find something I want printed and try it out. It definitely looks promising.


Rolo Cookies

Cookie update. I made Rolo cookies (a batch of 50) and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies (a batch of 20) over the weekend. Both turned out great and I am planning on making more.

Things I learned from the experience.

* Macadamia Nut are freaking expensive, now I understand why that don’t bother carrying them at grocery stores.
* We need more baking trays
* The Industrial mixer is way better to use than the hand mixer, and much more consistent.
* Unlike cooking, with baking most of the time is spent preparing the mix rather than baking it.
* Give people their first sample for free, and charge an arm and a leg for their second hit.

Happy Halloween

One more picture from the Toronto Zombie Walk last weeken, in the spirit of Halloween.

Flickr URL * http://www.flickr.com/photos/photojunkie/55440988/