Photojunkie is both a blog, photoblog and an online zine. In the last little while I have been juggling ideas about what kind of content I wanted to have on this site. I also got to a point where I wanted to do something more relevant as opposed to something random. So I decided to rebuild from the ground up to create a site that allowed me to write and shoot and share in a way where I could be as verbose or sparse as I wanted to be. Hopeful this will be the right balance so people can still enjoy my images as well as any information I may present.

Over the years, photojunkie has been a number of different things found at various urls. The site originally started as a blog in the autumn of 2000 with the long and tedious name “Daily Babble from a photojunkie”. It was an easy way for me to keep in contact with long distance friends, so they could keep up with my daily activities. The site was originally run off of blogger.com which made the jump in blogging quick and simple. Back in those days, Jack Saturn was one of my blogging gods.

It didn’t take long for me to fall into the fold and discover the diverse world of blogging. One of my early memories was dicovering Michael Cosentino’s site BrooklynKid.com. Those NYC folk were definitely ahead of the game when it came to the concept of photoblogging. It was even called photoblogging back then. It was just something people with digital cameras did.

Although, I still wrote about things happening in my life, writing and linking about other bloggers quickly became a part of the norm on the site. Of course, I quickly figured out that there were a bunch of other folks, like James McNally who were doing the same thing in Toronto and started up my own portal listing off other bloggers in the Toronto area. This later evolved into gtabloggers.com which is now the online directory and blog of Toronto bloggers.

There was quite a blur and flurry of activity between 2001 and 2003. There were so many things happening, 911 changed the way we blogged. I became more involved in the various communities, and then I started writing more specifically about photography. My circle grew as I got involved in various meme’s and other online projects such as the Mirror Project (check out my curated gallery) and crazy online games like Blogwhore. By this point, gtabloggers.com was growing at a decent pace, I had moved my site to Movable Type and Christine had purchased me photojunkie.org as a birthday gift. My presence definitely grew in this period and “blog” was definitely a hot topic in the media.

Shortly after, the site went through a couple design and content changes, a url change or two and then became a photoblog. Through the latter part of 2003 to the early part of 2005, my site was mainly a photoblog. It was well visited and recognized and garnered another Bloggie for Best Canadian Blog in 2005. Shortly after a media blitz, and taking a part of a group exhibition, PUBLICity, I put the site into Hiatus in April 2005.

Now I’m ready for a new chapter. I hope you enjoy it.