4 Proven Tips on Wedding Videography that Work Well Every Time

wedding videography

Have you recently got a calling for wedding videography? Well, then before you entertain the idea to shoot professional bridal videos, it is imperative that you know the tips to capture the most authentic wedding shots.

No worries! This article will discuss the basic tips on capturing the best wedding videos that ensure good results each time.

  1. Focus on the Couple

A wedding day is irreproducible, this means from the very start you have to come expertly prepared. Remember more than you, the couple involved matters the most. This is why; to get the best wedding videography the start is very vital. The trick here is to arrive early, set up all the apparatus, and get some establishing shots to find out what works best.

However, as the day is about the couple, their family and friends, try and avoid being obtrusive and imposing. Also, blending in is important to dress in accordance with the event or ritual.

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  1. Ceremony and Reception Venue

When it comes to ceremony and reception venues it is best to scrutinize these beforehand for potential rules and regulations. In fact, if required consult the bride and groom to understand any potential rules that you need to follow as a photographer. For example, in churches sometimes there are areas that prohibit the videographers form shooting.

In such cases, to get the best wedding videography to bring the correct zoom lens and set up the audio apparatus in the required location. Other places may want proof of insurance before they let you in so carry those too.

  1. Communicate All the Way

When it comes to an authentic wedding video, it is of vital import to communicate with the bride and groom beforehand to get the best shots. Find out if there will be dance sequences, special moments, certain emotive speeches and other instances that need capturing.

Talk with family members, the best man, and maid of honor, etc. in case they have planned surprise gifts, games or speeches, etc. Once you have an insight on what to film and include in your wedding video, make sure you find a sequence and add the correct aesthetics for your authentic wedding videography.

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  1. Audio and Lighting

Audio can be a good resource or a bummer for your wedding video. You might have invested in the best aesthetics and captured coveted moments, but the entire video will lose its appeal if you don’t have the correct audio to match the requirements. Therefore, invest in an H4N recorder in a case; your camera doesn’t have a good audio source.

Now, when it comes to video another main factor to consider is the lighting. This is additionally a very challenging endeavor as at certain times, either the wedding under the blinding sun, or it occurs in a subtle low light romantic ambiance. Either way, you need to ensure that you carry the right apparatus for any kind of light situation to clearly capture wedding videography.

All in all, if you follow these 4 tips with diligently then you can rest assured that you will capture a truly beguiling and captivating wedding video that’ll win hearts of the couple.